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The Wand

the-wand-1Nervous about getting an injection? It always hurts?The wand is a computer-controlled local anesthetic delivery system. The Wand is a state-of-the-art method that consistently and comfortably administers local anesthesia to our patients. TheWand does not resemble a needle in any way and it is not threatening in appearance.

Many people believe that when the needle is inserted is what causes discomfort, when actually it is the flow of the anesthetic that creates a painful, burning sensation. The Wand is a controlled slow injection and is automatically delivered as such regardless of tissue density. The Wand also has the ability to administer Single Tooth Anesthetic allowing Dr.Svino to get a single tooth numb instead of an entire section. This means patient numbness is minimized.

In comparison with the traditional syringe that uses the muscle of the wrist and forearm with the thumb acting as a motor to administer and injection, the Wand uses a foot control to start and stop an injection. Since the doctors thumb is not moving the anesthetic Dr. Svino can focus her complete attention on the delicate precision of the position and control of the needle.