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TMJ & Headache Relief

ntiDid you know? 44 million people in the U.S. suffer from chronic clenching and grinding and 23 million Americans suffer from migraine pain The NTI-tss device is a small, removable prefabricated, clear-plastic device that fits over your top two front teeth. You wear it at night while you sleep and because it prevents the posterior (back) teeth from coming into contact, it eliminates teeth-grinding and clenching altogether. With the device in place, the intense activity of the temporal muscle is suppressed to less than 1/3 of maximum by preventing any intense occlusal contact. By reducing this neuromuscular activity, migraines, morning headache pain, neck pain, sore jaw and other related pain associated with involuntary clenching are reduced or prevented.

“Users of this device report an 85% to 100% reduction of migraine headache symptoms.”Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry, Dec. 2001

The NTI-tss is very different than a traditional nightguard, that provides a surface for you to “bite down on”. Studies have shown that using such guards actually increase the intensity of your clenching reflex by over 104%, and this high intensity clenching has been found to be the real cause of headache problems.

Dr. Svino can fabricate this device in less than 1 hour and have you on your way to long lasting relief from headache pain.