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Amalgam Removal

amalgamOver the years we have noticed an alarming trend, silver (amalgam fillings) have begun to fall out or need to be replaced. Why? Amalgam contains mercury and like a thermometer the mercury expands and contracts. When this happens the bacteria leaks into the open areas and decay forms.

Also silver fillings are packed into the tooth to fit like a puzzle piece, with no type of bond to hold it into place, so it isn’t always long lasting. Dr. Svino does not keep amalgam in the office and chooses to use strictly white composite fillings in the mouths of her patients.

Composite (Tooth Colored) Fillings –

We have great success with composite material. The material actually bonds perfectly to the tooth leaving it extremely strong, with no opportunity for leakage. We also match the color of composite with your existing tooth, so there are no visible signs restorations. When

composite you talk or laugh there is no ugly, dark amalgam filling, but rather a healthy, natural, beautiful restoration.